About IAA

Indian Athletic Academy a young, dynamic professional and fitness training academy initiated by record holders, former international athletes, national and international coaches in the famous Kanteerava Stadium and Kittur Rani Chennamma Stadium, the heart of Bangalore. Importantly, affiliated to Bangalore Urban District Athletics Association.

Former international athletes like Captain C.Muralidharan and Roshan.S.M. are specialised in professional athletic and fitness training. Kishan and Pawan are our professional athletic trainers who had been athletes and have produced many young athletes in state and national levels. Vibha is an athletic state medalist and a bodybuilder who is a specialised fitness trainer, H.M.Manikanta is a professional trainer for sprinting. We have ambitious of training young abled and disabled athletes to represent India at international levels and winning gold and glory, thereby making the nation and parents proud.

It was former legend's dream to give back to the Indian Athletic community what they have learnt for so many years through single-minded dedication. And, that's how Indian Athletic Academy was envisioned in 2015.

We have been successful in producing state, national and international athletes who has been winning glory all the way, we would like to names of H.M.Jyothi (International Sprinter), M.G.Padmini (International Sprinter), Sharath Srinivas (Karnataka Ranjee Cricketer), Usha Rani (International Kabbadi Player), Dhanush Babu (International Skater), Reesa George (International Athlete) who made India proud by their tremendous performance. Our other athletes who have made us proud by their performances with complete dedication and hardwork are Abhishek.P, Rakshith, Umathi Jain, Deepthi Raj, Sindhu and Pramukh (who's just 10years and has been winning several medals already).

Anybody can achieve anything with focus, discipline, dedication and hardwork. We used to train many abled athletes but it was when our coach Roshan.S.M. and his friend Rahul (National Athlete) saw these two young girls at a competition many things changed. Radha (partially blind) and Rakshitha (complete blind) were two visually imagined athletes who were studying in Ashakirana School, Chikkamagalur. Roshan and Rahul recognized these talents and decided to train them and take them to higher level, after all the permission from there school and parents these girls were brought to Bangalore for further professional training. They lived in a house near SAI Bangalore and there was a camptaker kept to look after them, with the guidance of Roshan and Rahul the practice everyday and started completing in international competitions and winning them. Rakshitha became the first ever woman in India is win gold medal is track event at Asian Games 2018 which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have been selected for the Tokyo Para Olympics 2020 and are working towards it.

We take up different types of training methods in our professional coaching like hill training, beach training, strength and conditioning, crossfit. For a safe and injury free training we also take up recovery schedules like swimming ice bath and stream.

Indian Athletic Academy also provides professional fitness training for all other sports and public. And we have been successful in developing fitness and transformation. The Academy, with its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned athletes and coaches, promises to provide quality training to building athletes world. Through our structured coaching programs, regular races and advisory sessions with experts, young talents are chiseled to become skilled stars.

Our ultimate aim is to train our Athletes to compete in the Olympics and through them to motivate the society to become a fitness oriented.

Our Team Members